Our misson is Doing for the future with ICT. Our team is in Tokyo. We have mainly working for public offices's System Integration and Mission Critical System Integration. "MAGIE" , was created by picking up and arranging the letters of the words meaning "Management and Achievement Goes the futures by Integration with gEnerate". Borders become visible precisely because we live in a borderless era. Struggling with the process of accepting diversity. We live in an era where we are bombarded with information every day that directly pierces the psychology of each individual. Even small problems can turn into big troubles if left unchecked. ICT can play a role in creating an oasis in such a world. Through ICT, we will help enrich society and enrich people.


A quarter of a century has passed since NSPIXP, Japan's first IX, started its service. I feel that what has changed in that quarter of a century is that the world of distance has become a personal world. The world brought about by the evolution of rich content technology, design flexibility in frameworks, cutting-edge technologies such as AI, and the evolution of platformers has already permeated our daily lives in conjunction with the evolution of mobile devices. We will continue to strive to create an environment in which people all over the world can use their ability to think about what is important to each other while taking care of themselves by increasing the number of safe digital environments that people take for granted.


I think that the evolution of technology and the incubation of new technology into the world is the very passion of the people who create it for human society. In any technology, the most important thing is the process of how it is used and how it evolves. And in a project that requires team building, whether or not you can take care of each other is actually important for the project to achieve its purpose.